Posted by: Mojo Jojo | January 11, 2005


Last year’s December was my worst ever.

The days were going slow … the flowers seemed to be having a good time frowning at me and … more importantly, I had come down with a hell-of-a-monstrous writer’s block, which had made me distance myself from blogworld for quite a while. Later, a good friend of mine – S – had left for some greener pasture, abandoning me to a very lonely feeling.

Thought Santa Claus and his merry season would change all that.

Wrong again. December 26th brought with it a gift that nobody would have expected: a gigantic tsunami that came, conquered and snuffed out thousands of lives. The survivors, including me, were left with a feeling that was not very Christmassy…

I just needed a break. A 200-mile journey back to my native place. To meet my folks. To play around with my cat. To watch HBO 24-7. To indulge in the joy of stuffing myself with food without having to pay for it … heh.

I am writing this from home. Mom’s watching something on TV and dad is out there, feeding the goats (Oh, didn’t I tell you – they are the new additions to my dad’s assortment of farm animals). And there’s a big crow sitting on my windowsill and the stupid bird does not seem to know the meaning of SCAT!

My house’s located in a quaint little country-side, with greenery all around and a cute little stream that has little fish jumping in and out of it at regular intervals. Little wishing wells dot the scenery and if you look closely, you would be able to see little brown pixies jeering at you from beneath the leaves.

Well, kidding … really. I have never seen any pixies – at least not when I wasn’t drunk. But pssst, let me tell you this, GOBLINS exist! If you don’t believe me, come over to my office and take a look at my boss sometime.

And right now I am living the good life … I wake up at seven every morning – coz my dad insists that I accompany him on his morning walks. My mom has me eating my fill and though it’s been only four days since I reached here, I am already stouter. So, really! Life’s going just perfect for me – which is why I don’t know what else to put in this one …

There are no tough policemen here and there ain’t nobody in particular to mistake me for a plumber. My hair’s grown back (well, most of it, anyway) and people don’t refer to me as a bogeyman here – in fact, they all know me.

And I still have a few more days to enjoy myself – before a train takes me back to the big bad city, where I would find lots of stuff to curse (and later, blog) about … AHAAA!



  1. Woo Hoo! Good to have you back 🙂

  2. Rating : **************

    Aw man…this one was damn good..had me feeling all so good about my home too….goats???? hmmm..shakespeare would have had something to say abt that one..

  3. Hi Animesh!
    Feels real good to be back too! WEEELAAH!

  4. Shaaain,
    Glad I made u remember home. But u gotta admit, Mllpplly’s better than Mnchkra … hee hee.

  5. hi…
    I know the ‘writers block’ you r talkin abt…
    got it agian…
    cant write anything more…
    nyce blog…

  6. mshkvla better than mnchra?? or mlply better than tvla??
    in ur dreams my man!


  7. hey no naai whr u are now ??? wat bout the real naais??? are they getting competition from the goats???
    njoy ur break dude

  8. Hi Aberrant,
    Nice to know somebody understands. Y’know, you are the first since Shakespeare … 😉

  9. Hey Shain,
    face it, man. mlply is heaven. Y else do you think porche goes there for his hols?

  10. Hi shailen,
    The naiis are still there in the big bad city. Ask me, the goats are much better … pity I havta go back soon …
    And hey … nice hearin from you, bud!

  11. Jimmy!!!!

    Am so glad to have you back in blog land!!! Everytime you haunted my comments I went looking for you and sadly was only able to locate an empty blog!!! You’ve brought me some sunshine and I will see about mustering up a cheerful blog post!

    It must be so lovely where your parents live, I wish I had a place like that to escape to!! While my boss is no gremlin, goblin or ghost this stack of work is starting to look like a 5 eyed monster!! Thank goodness I get some vacation time in February!!

    Ok…well obviously from the length of the comment I am not having writers block so I am going to use my energies to write something witty and cheerful…or…just a silly ramble.

    Glad yer back

  12. EJ!
    I am so glad to be back where I belong – blogland… and I must admit, the blog was looking kinda silly with just the links to decorate it … but, really, all dat office and no play was really taking its toll on me.
    But now dat I ve had a week’s holidaying at home (Some time with ur parents can really perk up ur spirits), I m like, all raring to go and write about the next bloke who calls me a bogieman .. ha ha.
    So you r getting some vacation time in February … so happy for you. And EJ, expecting lotsa funny posts from you – or a silly ramble (man, I go ga-ga over silly stuff!) 🙂

  13. Ok…I’m afraid this one is a downer…but I promise, promise, promise to write somethin at least a lil funny next and soon!!! I almost want to tear down the one I just wrote!!!

    Can’t wait for those life-in-the-big-city posts!!!

  14. hey, that was a really good one,…..made me really nostalgic,…good to know ur still the same old crazy but (i’m having a strangling sensation in my throat, my heart feels like it will stop any second….but i guess i will say it anyway) good writer ,….aah i said it,…but i’m dead now :-))

  15. cute that one was..goats, fish, crows..what a life! mebbe you should start a little countryside paper and be the ed-in-chief. that way you can sit designing pages and not have to endure the city.

  16. no wonder kto said ur best when not writing a report! you’re really funny with your words.
    however, more than a paen to your pen-paper-mating skills, this is to thank you for helping me discover the musical serendipities on and!!

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  22. […] Well, I have referred to them in a post entitled Home again, written way back in 2005, when I was back at my parents’ place at Kerala. Then, more […]

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