Posted by: Mojo Jojo | January 13, 2005

Genie in a Basket

About three months ago, I became an uncle. And guess who was responsible! Well, thought I should put the li’l chimp in my blog – lend it some colour and stuff. Posted by Hello



  1. Congrats 🙂

  2. What a little sweetheart!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pic.

    Now Write Something 😉

  3. Animesh … thanks! Really, now that Ryan (that is my nephew’s name) is here, I got someone to spank 😉

  4. Hey EJ! The pleasure was mine – ever since Ryan was born I have been trying to show him off to people every way I could …
    On the verge of writing something … 😉

  5. haha !!cute snap
    took some time to load .. n i was thinking u posted ur Bro’s snap there ..

  6. Cute one man..dont spank him too hard though..coz then when he grows up he will kick where it hurts! but that’s one cute genie u got there..

    i’d prefer the genie who sang herself into a bottle tho!

  7. a real cutie pie…don’t u dare spank him…so adorable..

  8. poor little kid..he’s got a maniac for an uncle. a man of 25 who wants to be spidey! please pass my condolences to little ryan!!

  9. i’m sorry my last comment seems to have gotten published a hundred times. forgive me..i just kept pressing the ‘publish your comment’ button too many times!

  10. he looks frightened in the pic. Maybe he has been informed about an uncle who loves to spank!

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