Posted by: Mojo Jojo | February 22, 2005


(Sometimes I get the blues – which is when I start penning poems. And here’s one of my more sordid creations)

In the space betwixt the heavens,
And the blazing fires of hell,
Stand we – creatures in black,
In silent wait for the tolling bell.
Options are all we have,
Gambles are all we take ,
One wrong step and we tumble,
Straight into the heart of the fiery lake.
‘Believe in God’they say,
‘Believe in God and thou shall be free’
I sigh and try to put my trust,
In Someone I cannot see.
But I can’t change how I am,
I can’t change how I feel,
Guess I should just step out of my room,
To fool around and have some tea.

Copyright ©2005 Jimmy Jacob



  1. I like it. Dark humour. Or as the Yankees would say, humor.

  2. Ha ha. Thanks man. Sometimes you crap some pretty good compliments .. 😉

  3. i understood the last line jimbo.u know how much i ‘loue’ ur poems!! i personally prefer ur short stories!!!

  4. U don’t like my pomes??? Sob! There goes my `great poet’ dreams 😦

  5. Great poem Jim. Funny ending 🙂

  6. Thanks Kima, you have made me get over that MEAN remark of Everyman’s 🙂

  7. Nice poem and a different ending. somehow it portrays that u want to be cheerful but somethings an obstacle in the path of your happiness, neways whatever it is just remember that if something makes u upset it isnt worth it so u take care n keep smiling always mr sub-editor/ poet/clown. 🙂

    P.S.- how r ur bumps from bumpin in the night??? ne more clowning acts???

  8. Nice poem and a different ending. somehow it portrays that u want to be cheerful but somethings an obstacle in the path of your happiness, neways whatever it is just remember that if something makes u upset it isnt worth it so u take care n keep smiling always mr sub-editor/ poet/clown. 🙂

    P.S.- how r ur bumps from bumpin in the night??? ne more clowning acts???

  9. Jimmy!

    Ahhhh…I write poetry when I am down too (I’ve got a blog just for that around here someplace 😉 )

    I like it…I very much like the ending. I’m going to have to think about maybe adding a little funny to mine….maybe I won’t feel quite so dark when I am done.

    Take care…and I’m back….so keep an eye out for me 🙂

  10. Thank u, Anz … But I guess u r rite. I do want to be cheerful (but then, who doesn’t) and something or the other crops up to bring me down.
    Well, since I can’t change that, I might as well take ur advice and keep smiling 🙂
    And well, would really like to put another `clownin-around mail’ but I don’t think my bike would like any more bumps 🙂 anyways … thanks again…

  11. Hey that was a good one.
    I would prefer you post more of your poems ..I know you have many more of them stuffed under there somewhere.. Waiting to read those gems

  12. Hey,
    In case u r planning to follow my advice then please follow it diligently as i am very strict with my advices 😛 so better keep that smile pasted there 🙂 neways i think that not only ur bike but also u cant take another ‘circusy’ act let it be in that case but ya would like to see some nice n cheerful poetry here as well take care n KEEP SMILING ;):D

  13. Hi EJ. Been missin you ( n your spam 😛 ). Nice to have you back.
    Glad you like the pome .. n I m sure I gonna like yours too. So hey, excavate that poetry-blog you have buried “around here somewhere” and help me spam it with all I got…

  14. Editor or not, its high time u update ur blog 😀

  15. Kima … Oh dear, u r rite! 😉

  16. Speaking of spam I haven’t see you round my neck of the woods 😉

    Look in my blog roll for Confessions From The Dark. Though I will warn you now do not go looking for something cheery…that blog is NOT. BUT it gets all that dark nasty stuff out of my system and turns it into something better (in my humble opinion of course).

  17. hey this is meenakshi here. dunno why this thing insists on calling me anonymous..the poem’s cute. it surprises me that people who generally don’t open up so much when talking, come out and say so much on their blogs. the last line was definitely a twist. but if your poems are written only when you are down then i guess i don’t wanna be seeing much more of them na? i like you smiling jimmy..i think of you as an eternal optimist.. : )

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