Posted by: Mojo Jojo | May 9, 2005

With my eyes wide shut …

I am an Indian … have always been one. But then, I did not always see things like they were. There’s this beggar on the street – I throw him a coin (not always, that) and walk on. The next moment, it’s out of my mind … there are always better things to think about – the movie version of the Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy … that girl I have been getting friendly with … the reporting assignment that’s due tomorrow …
Funny how the mind always manages to delete the more unpleasant aspects of life from our memory …
I saw Swades just yesterday … and, God forbid, it made me think!
What’s it about? A non-resident Indian scientist who works with NASA comes back home to meet his elderly governess…and then he sees stuff like poverty and hunger and finally decides to stay back.
Very true, it would take an outsider to actually understand what goes on over here. We better-off Indians – we have seen so much of this thing that we have literally become immune to it. We see impoverished people but don’t give them anything more than a second glance…
Why? Hey, we got work to do … trains to catch, appointments to keep, movies to watch and people to meet. The occasional coin we drop in the beggar’s bowl gives us a clear conscience (Wow! My good deed for the day … getting a step closer to the promised land now!)
And I ain’t doing that good either. I remember the time when the tsunami struck … there were these massive waves hitting the shores, snuffing out lives and rendering people homeless. We newspaper dudes? We were sitting in our air conditioned offices, admiring photos that had wailing mothers kneeling over bodies of dead babies, all the while muttering in awe, “Man! What powerful pictures! The pages are really gonna look terrific tonite…”
But then, that’s what our job demands from us. Bad news is good news. We wouldn’t mind Jupiter crashing onto the earth as long as the news sells a few copies more.
Remember that famous picture that had a vulture waiting on a baby in its death throes? They say the vulture won, the photographer got a big prize for it and later, comitted suicide.
God bless his soul.
Funny how a movie can put you in such a sordid mood..n make you post such sordid stuff. But, like they say, life’s like that but it could certainly be better. Don’t know how… don’t ask why…but it certainly could have.



  1. Atlast, Jimmy writes.. I was beginning to wonder if the kid’s life had become less eventful lately.
    Liked your new post. Hope to see more activity on the blog.

    Live long and prosper !

  2. hey!!!!is God being good to me at last?!!?ok you are in the media and you are saying exactly what i need for my project!!!errr…..can i interview u?and i swear this isn’t a hoax. aks shain, he’ll vouch for me:)(tell him, shain, tell him!!)


  3. Hi Serry, so happy to see you here. And actually, my life had become so eventful that I could not find any time out to blog. But dats gonna change now (:
    give my regards to Georgy and Ryan

  4. Yikes, Rapunzel! What’s your project about? u also in the media business or wat? Brrr … dats gettin me real scared!

  5. jimmy.not in the media biz.i needed ur opinions for my M.A. project.ur opinions on if the mainstream media is contributing to national development, alternatives to mainstream and so on and so forth….(can’t really frighten u away with all the questions here!!)

  6. Hey Jimmy returns. Thanks for that great post.

  7. Oh sure Rapunzel … me always ready for an interview (pity, I always seem to be the one taking them. not the other way round) But if them questions get too controversial, dont get alarmed if I turn tail and scoot, bwahahaha

  8. Hey V,
    thanks. Its great to be back!

  9. nice post 🙂 had some powerful lines in there

  10. Looks like this has been here for a while and you haven’t. I can’t tell you how glad I am to finally see some serious writing. Your post was really moving thanks so much for sharing it.

    I haven’t forgotten about you dear friend…just have had a bit of own things going on that keep me away from blog land. Though as sporadically as you post…it doesnt take much to get caught up 😉

    I hope there are others ribbing you too!

  11. Do you ever plan to update this blog???? neways take care n keep smiling 🙂

  12. erm…and you wouldn’t be the jimmy from tambaram would you? like the bishop i once knew?

  13. KFC lover Jimmy: Powerful words, stuff we all realise but I like to read/hear it once in a while.

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  15. So that’s the end of Jimmy The KID’s hitch- hiking on the blogworld?
    Watching this space

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