Posted by: Mojo Jojo | August 10, 2006

Me and the Dead

Is life after death for real? I don’t know and I wouldn’t want to know anytime soon. For the time-being, breathing seems to be just the thing for me…
But then, some element of fascination does hide behind the darkness of the subject. Really, what happens then? Do our spirits rot in the cold confines of the grave, giving hearty company to the layers of flesh that are slowly becoming morsels for rodents with bloodstained teeth. Or do we rise in the air, invisible to everyone around us, soon to meet whoever made the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Or do we get thrown into a lake of fire, destined for an eternity of pain, regret and anxiety.
Or, worst of all, do we get to haunt the earth forever, watching all our loved ones die one by one by one…
Whatever it is, its bound to be scary.



  1. Hey!
    Welcome back.
    Good start with your short piece.
    Hope you keep blogging and blogging and…

  2. Hey JJ,

    About time you were back you lazy cup of black coffee!

    I always thought of the moment of death as something similar to the switching off of a tv..only that you are the tv..a tv going through a lotta pain that too!

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