Posted by: Mojo Jojo | December 7, 2006

Calvin and Me

There’s no problem so awful that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse!
– The Essential Calvin and Hobbes

Went down to Bookworm (TM) the other evening.
For quite a simple reason, actually – buy a few of those five-buck Batman comics and hurry back without making the mistake of glancing at those alluring (and more importantly, expensive) Asterix and Tintins.
After all, I am just a poor sub-editor in Bangalore.
But then, as fate would have it – lying right next to the stack of DC comics was a copy of Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Snow Goons, and the cover had our heroes crouching behind a tree to hide from a frowning two-headed snowman. I just had to have it.
So what if it cost me everything I needed to live through the week (payday was next Wednesday); some things are just meant to be bought — whether it comes at the price of your next meal or not…
Now, believe me, Calvin and Hobbes comes in that category of ‘some things’. Loved them when I was a kid, still love them at twenty-seven and I would bet that I remain their number one fan at 89.
Well, I never had a stuffed tiger who could be my imaginary friend in happiness and sorrow. Nor did I get to make decapitated snowmen in my backyard — hell, the only snow I see is in the refrigerator. But this shouldn’t mean that I can’t relate with the Guy.
Everyone can, I guess… at least to some measly extent.
Monsters under my bed, for example. For years, I was scared of the boogieman — always preferring to keep my eyes closed than see that shirt, hanging innocently on the peg, turn into a snarling monster.
Calvin, however, treats the monsters differently. As long as he takes advantage of the fact that they are “all teeth and digestive tract” and doesn’t believe it when they say they are li’l dust balls, they can do him no harm. That is, if Hobbes doesn’t push him down for some allegedly fresh salmon.
And yes, there was the time when I (like Calvin) came upon the idea that history, evolution and even the big bang had occurred for the sole purpose of creating the one person — me. And therefore (QED … whatever), I was the all-powerful, or shall we call it… ‘The Reason.’
Of course, I ditched the idea the next time my dad made me eat boiled beans and carrot at the dinner table. Apparently, he was one of those who believe that eating crap builds character.



  1. Hey Kid, That’s what you call food for the soul right? Good one.

  2. JJ, always knew u were a big comic buff….remember ur craze for… i have never been a die hard comic fan myself, but way back in school, someone gave me a whole collection of phantom comics. right from the very first issue..all in order….i guess i read it all once, or maybe twice and then didnt care for it….well, im sure i would get super pissed fi i hear someone say that they listened to an ozzy CD and threw it 🙂

  3. Ha ha, Divyan. Just for this, I went out this evening and bought a stack of phantoms.
    But no, don’t worry… nobody in his right mind will throw away an Ozzy CD. And if he does, he could always get cured by Divyan da shrink. Hee. Nice to know you around, man..

  4. @Jimmy
    My dad never made me eat boiled carrots and beans. He made my mom make us eat those and boiled cabbages!! But since he used to kill all the imaginary monsters under my bed and the non-existent burglars in the bathroom, I guess it was okay!
    You lucky guy! Where are those Phantom comics? You still have them?

  5. @ 3inone – Ha ha. See, all of us have a little of Calvin in us. Too bad your dad used to kill the monsters under your bed. They are quite nice once you get used to them 🙂

  6. Hey you are moe, that was decided long back. Calvin is a political and sociological commentary. If politics makes you puke, switch to dennis, my friend.

  7. calvin fan! so m I! 😀
    though in one of the C&H quiz i turnd out to b Susie! 😛

  8. @ Rama: Naah. Not Dennis… i would rather start warming up to politics than read Dennis.

    @ DA: Really?! I turned out to be Calvin’s dad! Thank god i didnt turn out to Moe, though…

  9. Why bother buying expensive books when u can rip the off the net for free?

  10. @ Sangeeta: You may be right… but then, readin Calvin off the net (or taking hazy printouts) isn’t the same as reading it lying in a warm bed with a cup of hot coffee… Don’t you think?

  11. uhm yes..but I end up saving lots of money:P i dont take printouts. i have dloaded gbs and gbs of ebooks and audiobooks. It’s fun

  12. Jim, you turned out to be calvin’s dad? That’s suggestive 😛

  13. Of what, Rama? You must be disappointed I didnt turn out to be Moe… 😉

  14. @ Sangeeta: Hmm, should try that. But could you suggest where I can get Calvin on the net (other than the google image search, of course). U-Comics’ doesn’t seem to be working anymore.

  15. Must say i dint know what the big fuss about Calvin was when I first read it in used to come in the newspapers..then i rediscovered it in our ‘Paradise, fish pond(yea right!) and all’Guess its not really for kids..

    @Div-DC comics is not the only set…JJ would read any comic which has a hero(ine) in tights!! and so would I 😀

  16. You really didn’t think it was funny the first time you read it?! UH OH! Gotta get a glass of water, quick!

    @ Div: Yeah, me n everyman are suckers for anythin within tights and anythin without. 😉

  17. aahh…. just remembered.. phantom used to come in manorama paper.. just three frames everyday…..i used to cut them each day and make it into a comic book by sticking them in a note book in order… sigh..!!!

  18. of course am happy you turned out to be calvin’s dad coz we all know who the real calvin is and who is the wannabe out here 🙂

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