Posted by: Mojo Jojo | December 31, 2006

Jimmy The Kid

Came home to find a brand new photo scanner. So I dug out some old family photographs and VOILA! Here’s me, when I was actually a kid (Can’t believe there was actually a time when I used to look quite bearable)



  1. Hey Cheta, ul be surprised how bearable u actually look now… Or maybe ul only think that 20 years hence..:)

  2. Awww.. you look so cute in the pic [:D]

  3. heh heh, if you’ve grown up into anything resembling this cutie, you must be breaking hearts in nemma bengaluru!

  4. Hi Prem: I m sure that 20 years from now, I would be looking quite respectable in a long grey beard 🙂

  5. IMM: Really? *Blush* *Blush* 🙂

  6. hey i can’t see any big difference actually…

  7. @ Rama: Really? Guess that’s a compliment, then.

  8. Awesome blog…the pics and words here are a rare blend:)

  9. You never wore glasses then:P

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