Posted by: Mojo Jojo | January 23, 2007

The end?

She didn’t have no money,
No home to call her own,
No loved one to speak to,
On the other end of the phone.

But she had dreams… yeah,
Dreams that told her why,
Her life was too great to waste,
On tears and dried rye.

That’s the place to go,
The greenest there’s to be,
Rivers of milk n’ honey,
Flowing into a great blue sea.

So she packed her bags one day,
Figuratively, (of course) — coz she had none,
Then walked, a step at a time,
Slowly into the setting sun.

This is her story; not mine,
On what happened next I have but a worm’s clue,
Maybe she died, maybe she lived,
Maybe she became Mrs Gates – oh, wish I knew…



  1. I hope she became Mrs. Gates.

  2. Yeah, me too. actually 🙂 Don’t want this one to have a tragic ending 🙂

  3. Aww man!! why poetry???? this sounds like the lemon tree!!

  4. @ Everyman: Really. Am glad. Lemon Tree is my all-time favourite. Second only to Why, Why, Why – Delilaaah!

  5. nice work, dude, shades of a lot of other lyrics. but nothing is ever original in art is it?

  6. probably, accidently deep. Awesome nonetheless!

  7. nice jj..
    now that u ahve a guitar and now that u possess some skills that i have taught you, put it to use and come up with a tune 🙂

  8. @ Nandhu: Shades of other lyrics? Oww. Honesht, tried to be real original on this one. But who knows, mebbe its da subconscious 😦

    @ Life Happens: Thanks, mon. Am glad you think so 🙂

    @ Macabreday: Yeah, got a guitar now… but apparently I m still lacking in skills. Can you tutor me again sometime? 😀

  9. Mrs Gates? wife of one of the richest men in world? naive as i am, i ask “where is the love?”

  10. @ Rama: Yeah. She went to the city and started a whole new empire all by herself – something that threatened even Mr Gates’ business. And their rivalry made them fall in love (quite unwittingly, of course).
    Later they married, and had fifteen kids together.
    That may have been the rest of the story – or may not have been. But then, “there’s the love,” Ramaleft…

  11. lovely poem! the woman seems like me:)

  12. good effort now get back to the real world

  13. Wonderful Poetry !! Amazing !

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