Posted by: Mojo Jojo | January 30, 2007

On war, tongues and the Tour de Babel

Found myself with the Bible the other day. Which does not happen very often, I must admit with considerable guilt. Anyway, I read about the Noah affair — when Yahweh realised that he had made a mistake in creating man and sent 40 days and 40 nights of torrential rain, destroying all that lived or moved on Earth. Except for the ones in the Ark, of course.
Then I moved on to the Tower of Babel chapter, which had humankind attempting to build a tower that would touch the sky and protect it from the Great One, the next time he got into a destructive mood. And what did He do to stop them?
Fire? Acid? Big chunks of hail?
Naah, nothing so crude. Yahweh just gave them different tongues, and suddenly they were mouthing stuff that nobody could understand. The great army that set out to build the tower was reduced to becoming smaller legions that babbled nonsense, which others could not understand. And the project was doomed.
And so was man.
Many believe that Yahweh did this just to stop them from building the tower. But, according to me, it was to make humankind destroy itself — divide it into nations that spend all their energies in defending their kind, which are usually bound by language and skin. And apparently, Yahweh seems to be succeeding.
Now, one thing I’ll never understand is — why do we have to go all hoop-la over language? It was just meant to let you communicate with another (just like religion was meant to make sure you don’t go murder your neighbour), and that’s that. Why does anybody have to take so much pride in it, then go fetch a sickle to endanger your life as well as someone else’s? Simple logic, that.
And then there’s war. “It’s a beautiful thing,” they will make you believe … “Die for your country. It’s a man’s life.” Crap.
How can murdering another person — even if it’s with the consent of the government — ever make you a better human being? Do you really think that having somebody’s blood on your hands is going to help the screaming little orphan that’s wandering down a dirty alley in your remote hometown? And do you think the enemy is fighting for a cause any less ‘nobler’ than yours?
No, the enemy has very similar reasons for fighting against you. And the orphan’s screaming because it has had to forfeit its lunch for the machine-gun in your hands.
But then, you are just a part of the great design; and it’s upto you to help humankind destroy itself…



  1. well well well. helping a screaming little kid! so that is ur cause!

  2. hhhmmm…i really dont think there is any point in any of us debating abt war……lets accept long as the world exists, war is always going to be there…. its probably the only means of survival for certain people….
    and as for the bible…id be interested in knowing how u wont interpret the babel story 🙂

  3. hey yahweh really comes out as the villian…
    Jim, take the following easy: u seem to be getting more n more political by the day 😀

  4. @ Seena: No, that’s allegedly the soldier’s cause. Me? You know what I think of screaming little kids…

    @ Macabreday: No, Ozz. No point debating… the game’s just about waiting for the inevitable.
    But guess what… in the Bible, I like the Babel story da best coz it’s so interpretable (or misinterpretable) 🙂

    @ Rama: He does, in a way. And about me getting political, I think it’s the Calvin effect 😉

  5. Woah bud, u sound world weary..dont take the Bible up again if this is what it does to you 🙂

    Div’s right, as long as man is around, and i mean just man..not woman, he would pick a fight..whether its over language or over religion or over oil..

    No species reigns for ever..Dinos didnt, and they were quite peace loving i guess..though their peanut sized brains dint let them figure out how to survive the great flood or whatever it was that wiped them out..Man has brains much bigger, and he has used them to figure out how to do a lotta things..including how to shoot yourself in the head if you have no one else to shoot you!

  6. Shain: Yeah, if you have a pea-sized brain, you got a problem; if you got a human-sized one, you got a problem.
    Agree on most things, but I don’t think woman is any more peace-loving than man, either.

  7. ‘What if they gave a war and no one came?’
    Aggression is man’s nature. (I tend to agree with Shain – women are more peacable on the whole.) If they didn’t have language as the base to fight from, they’d just find something else. Cain and Abel spoke the same language, didn’t they?
    🙂 From the sound of this, it’s probably a good thing that you don’t read the bible often.

  8. @ 3inOne: I agree too. Man would fight even if there was nothing to fight for. But I still think that more wars (and worse ones) happen because of misguided nationalism (which, according to me, is a byproduct of religion and language).
    But if you honestly think that Woman is more peaceable on the whole, you have obviously missed on this season’s Big Brother 😉 Ho Ho Ho

  9. men and women.. the same…….both have aggression… though different ways in which it comes out.

  10. hey! can’t help quoting Calvin and Hobbes:
    Calvin-War is a manly art
    Susie-I guess something that idiotic would have to be

  11. so, seen the movie? why not blog about it as well.

  12. Jimmy,
    love the new pic. With the fire and the menacing look! NICE.

  13. Ha ha. Glad you like it. That’s supposed to be the Ghost Rider 🙂

  14. I totally agree man! How can man think of making peace through war? How silly is that? This is a good explanation of ‘why’ though.. Different tongues.. different perceptions.. different people, and seems to me that we wanna show just how different we are!

    Nice Post dude!

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