Posted by: Mojo Jojo | March 20, 2007

The Fulfilled Wish

He was limping on the beach one day,
Waves caressing his only foot, then slowly drawing away,
The story of my life,” he thought with unhappy mirth,
The way things have been, from the day of my birth.”

Sure… good days would come, only to back away,
Money, love, happiness and joy – just a passing phase,
Then came the war, which cost him an arm and leg,
But got him a medal – cold comfort in bed.

In the distance, he saw a boat – slowly bobbing away,
Getting smaller, until to the horizon it became a prey,
O mighty one, take me too,” he looked up and said,
Then stumbled, sobbing as he collapsed on the slushy sand bed.

Suddenly, as if in response, the sea-waters grew,
Reached for the morning sky, becoming a huge wall of blue,
Crashed, to the accompaniment of frightened shrieks,
And then left, leaving the world black – and in complete peace.

He was limping on the beach one day,
When the tsunami came and took his life away…



  1. irony??
    nice 🙂

  2. No friend of yours I hope Jimmy… But yeah, really impressive stuff man…

  3. Ah..I understand now what you said about killing off your protagonists in poems:-) But yeah, I agree with mac. It’s really nice.

  4. Very Jimmy!! Death is peace..for those who go..

  5. @Mac: Irony indeed. Thanks, Div. And nice shoutbox, that 😉

    @Prem: No, Paulos-dear… just some old man from my imagination 🙂 TEE!

    @ 3inOne: Yeah, I just LOVE killing the protagonists off. Poetry brings out the worst in me *evil grin*.
    But hey! Did you like Eddie’s replacement? The skeleton trying to tip-toe into the blog?

    @ Shain: Ah my boy. Nobody knows me better than you! *sob*

  6. oh god!

  7. oh god?

  8. well, considering that for a change rama called you ‘god’ and not ‘twinky’; i think you should be saying ‘thank you’ very graciously.

  9. @3inone: oh really, u interpreted like that? 🙂 my mistake. i should have said — oh god, what did u do to our poor twinky!

  10. …impressive stuff!

    ur own?

  11. @ 3inOne: Rama called me ‘god’?? Thank you, thank you (very graciously)

    Rama: That wasn’t what you meant? (Mutter…Mutter… Grumble… Grumble)

    @…: Really?? Thanks! Yeah.. it’s my own stuff (Or at least, hope so…)

  12. @rama – oh well, when you put it that way…..
    heh heh!!

    @rama & jimmy
    are you two classmates? or twins separated at birth? or something on those lines…

  13. @ 3inOne: No, Rama and I aren’t twins. And EVEN IF WE WERE by the strangest misfortune, I’m glad we were separated 😛

  14. @3inone: oh really, i find that quite offensive 😦
    actually jimmy and i are very simply twinky and calvin respectively, no wonder we dont get along!!!

  15. oh ..does god answer prayers so soon??

    rama and u twins..I am sorry for u Jimmy..and happy its not true..

    Rama..did u say oh GOD? god, who??

  16. blogger,
    lets take this outside

  17. @ calvin/twinky – rama/jimmy
    Two sides of the same coin… or in the words of my generation
    same difference!

  18. @ Blogger: Really really really happy it’s not true. Imagine being Ol’ grouchy Suzie’s identical twin!!

    @ Rama: Yeah Rama, what God? And btw, Calvin is Twinky (as referred to by Moe). You are Soozie Woozie.

    @ 3inOne: Same coin??? Not by a loooooooong shot!

  19. stone cold,
    in his own world calvin is the king, but twinky is a poor little bullied kid.
    now, u don’t want to be bullied by susie too, do u?

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