Posted by: Mojo Jojo | March 28, 2007

Lookin’ back

Just a photo of ours from a few years ago, posing atop the Heber Chapel. There’s Thangchin Mawi (the Sachristian), Mathew Alexander (a.k.a. Bones) and Roji (who is now conspiring to become a priest). I’m the one in the Lee T-shirt and the big guy in shorts is ol’ Mac, when he was still in possession of some hair. Sandwiched between us (in the shadows) is P Issac, a.k.a Bhatinda.

The year was 1999. I was leaner then.



  1. haaaaaa…JJ.. more snaps man… lol.. put up the one i sent you.. thats a bgetter close up of all of us naa 🙂

    and if u ever dare put up the cat photo, ill kill you 🙂

  2. @ Mac: Not a better close-up of mine, you can rest assured. Your stupid camera flash made me look darker than Bhatinda!
    Ha ha. And the cat one’s next.

    P.S: Don’t worry. won’t put it up. But why do you hate that snap so, div boy? I thought the kitty and you made a good pair! 🙂

  3. yea…u know why i hate it….
    i look afraid of the damn cat..thats why….

  4. Jimmy,
    Oiii! What do you mean by tantalising us with obscure mentions of forbidden cat photos and all????
    if you don’t put up the cat photo, the rest of us will kill you. Think about it. Mac is in far away Indianaland while me, I’m close enough in indialand to come and find you!

  5. Mac: Uh..oh, Div! 3inOne‘s right… I think the game’s up. You and the cat are next 😉
    And hey, in the snap you don’t look like you’re afraid of the cat … it just looks like you got a broken nose or something 😀 😀

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