Posted by: Mojo Jojo | May 1, 2007

Mr President… NO!!

Our Honourable President A P J Abdul Kalam visited the European Union Parliament at Athens recently, where he recited a certain poem for the benefit of all the hapless attendees. For those who have missed out on it, here’s an excerpt:

Beautiful environment leads
To beautiful minds
Beautiful minds generate
Freshness and creativity
Created explorers of land and sea
Created minds that innovate
Created great scientific minds
Created everywhere, why
Gave birth to many discoveries
Discovered a continent and unknown lands
Ventured into unexplored paths
Created new highways
In the minds of the best
Worst was also born
Generated seeds of battle and hatred
Hundreds of years of wars and blood
Millions of my wonderful children
Lost in the land an sea
Tears flooded many nations
Many engulfed in ocean of sadness…

A pity, huh?
This isn’t funny in the slightest. Wondering if a signature campaign would prevent our long-haired friend from committing similar atrocities in the future.

P.S.: Looking at the brighter side, now I know that my poetry ain’t the worst!



  1. may be an online petition.
    but beware, u maybe called unpatriotic for this

  2. yes jim, u could and probably will be called a lot of things.

  3. yea….makes me feel that my poems are a masterpiece 🙂 he he
    and hey..incase u go to jail, ill bail you out…like always 🙂

  4. critiquing a poem is not critizing your beloved president…i have seen a photo of him on wikipedia and my hair cut is much better. he looks like he has an interesting personality.:O
    i am sure more so than the prime minister of canada…boring!

  5. @cats: critiquing a poem certainly is not critizing the president
    but in india you never know…

  6. @ Rama & Liz: Yeah, I realise that … 😦 . Actually, I had written a much more colourful post on the Prez in the beginning. But finally I came up with this watered-down version because (a) The guy, for some weird reason, has waaaaay too many fanatico friends and (b) because I wanted to keep the blog as apolitical as possible (especially when it concerns the Indian administration)…

    @ Mac: Mine too. Our President gives us a reason to live 😛
    But hey, when was the last time you bailed me out of jail? I remember Saju doing it!! Grrrr!
    Har de har har!

    @ Cats: You know, Rama is right about the President-poem connection.
    Give the troublemongers out here an inch, and they try to do the whole hog. But you are right, Mr Kalam does have an interesting haircut.
    Interesting personality? Well, you could say that…

  7. ok..i didnt physically come and bail you out…but who organized it? and who was the first person you called? remember? haarhaaaar 🙂

  8. now we are talking!!!
    so twinky has a shady past i am not aware of.
    @3inone: i told you he cant be trusted 😀

  9. @ Mac: Haarhaar? That was precisely the sound you made when I called you from my prison cell, remember?!

    @ Everyone: And, oh … all this discussion about the clink is making me look like Jack the Ripper.
    Come to think of it, mebbe I should blog about that (or have I, already??)

  10. u r asking if u should blog about a real-life experience like that? you would rather write about a chicago underworld kingpin, when u have never set foot on that city?
    na, stick to don juans. you dont have the heart for this.

  11. Well, even I got the president was making a pathetic effort to live up to some sort of a reputation he has of being an intellectual.
    And I must say, his poems are not great, or his speeches (inluding th one he made at the Greek parliament) nothing more than diplomatic idealism.

    And regarding th stock market thing, did you like read thru from the beginning? cos it is more like a series… (and of course, youre welcome to call)

    Finally, this template rocks… i wonder wer u got it from

  12. @rama
    now i begin to understand you 🙂
    now i begin to understand you too 🙂
    this is a good piece of info to have. i shall keep your number on speed dial for who knows when i may be tempted to cross a railway line.

    @all – i agree that there is not much poetic merit in this piece, but this is a man i admire intensely and i shall not tie up bad poetry with his personality or effectiveness as a scientist/ the President. (heck, i’ve been in love with men who couldn’t write decent prose!!!)

  13. @3inone: what exactly do you understand now? about jim being untrustworthy or him being pretentious.
    and just out of curiousity, what is it that is admirable about kalam? have i missed something here?

  14. @rama
    the jujube does blog about real life experiences, though. remember the time he was chased by a train?

  15. 3inOne: Ha ha! Thanks for da support, Liz. Soozie-Woozie’s been TRYing to take my goat ever since time first began..
    But somehow, in the Kalam matter, I share my Corsican Twin’s curiosity 🙂

    @ Rama: Hey, what’s that about me being untrustworthy? I was a (mostly) innocent man, who fell victim to the unfairly long arm of the law!

    @ AB: Totally agree with that. The Prez tries to live up to some intellectual image carved out for him and, in the process, comes out looking very silly.
    Now, really… I do not have a problem with Kalam trying to be artistic – but when he is representing India in an international forum, I don’t think he should recite bad poetry.
    Simply because at that moment, he’s not Kalam the person – but the representative of a country.
    Simply because it ain’t just him that the others would be laughing at. Probably I am being too harsh on him… maybe…
    And 🙂 I tried reading the whole thing from the beginning, but somehow I felt I should know more about commerce to understand everything…

  16. What can I say, jujube?? I’m illogical when it comes to men I admire/like?

  17. poor guy, your president, reminds of some poor sap writing a love poem to some girl he’s googly eyed over and comes out looking really, well, very common in a down to earth way. does he write this stuff or does he have a speech writer? If so, he should fire the speech writer. 😉

  18. Y gatta recite urs in some public gatherinng and wait if some blogger puts it up and tell ppl what a piece of shit it is

  19. it is a very innocent act — crossing a railway line
    and goodness knows what else you have been upto — i hope we get to hear more about your deep dark secrets 😀

  20. and i thot u were in the clink for impersonating the ladies:-)

  21. @3inone
    well..ur close..because something similar happened the very next week.. ohh well..i wont spill it..ill wait for him to blog about it in detail 🙂

  22. C’mon Jimmy! You’re being too harsh on our poet Prez! What better did you expect from a scientist statesman 😛 ?

  23. Well, props to him for at least attempting to be creative and different 😉

  24. He could have had somebody write it for him. All the speech writer they hire he should stop being so cheap and hire a poetry writer?

  25. @ All: Hey.. sorry for the long absence from Blogworld. Had been to Chennai for four whole days…
    Will catch up with you guys soon. Gotta rush now for my first day at the new job… Do wish me luck! 🙂

  26. Why aren’t u blogging? pls do. patritic, unpatriotic whatever it may be. It makes me laugh when i at work! was reading MCC hall poem on wikipedia. perhaps u shud recall it. now i may be killed for this. but,no offence, it is hilarious…

  27. JJ:
    you have to be busy working, otherwise I know you would be writing on here…or are you in the can, klink, cooler, or jail?

  28. ^^^^^^
    he is in Jail

    hold on JJ….im gonna find someone to bail u out 🙂

  29. why not let him stay there for sometime?

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