Posted by: Mojo Jojo | May 9, 2007

Interesting things about me? Let’s see…

AAAAARGH! I’VE BEEN TAGGED! Is this where I scream and start spilling all my beans (among other things)?
Okay, 3inOne tagged me yesterday on this ‘Ten Interesting Things About Me’ thingy … so, she’s responsible for the following utterly boring (and occasionally disgusting) Jimmy facts that I am going to impose upon you. Tee!

Fact # 1: It, invariably, rains whenever I forget to take my raincoat along. So I occasionally leave it behind so the poor farmers of Karnataka could get some water to feed their crops.
Generally gets me a good feeling – and a very soggy underwear. Maybe I’m that raingod from HHGTTG.

Fact # 2: Always remember that I forgot to double-check the lock about halfway down the road to my office. And, as one thing leads to the other, always get that stare from the boss for coming in an hour late.

Fact # 3: I like rain falling on my head, but I hate it getting into my pants. And slush … I’d like an hour in a hospital waiting-room better than two minutes through slush!

Fact # 4: Abhor fake accents. If Smita Jha down the road comes to me speaking in an Angelina Jolie kinda way, Smita Jha is most likely to have my puke on her. I believe in being pretentious too (ask Rama), but it has to be done my way. Hah!

Fact # 5: I save all my pennies to make a pound, which I then go and spend on a white elephant. Don’t believe it? Ask my hair dryer, my worldspace receiver and my fifteen mini-cassette players – which are all lying jobless in dusty cardboard boxes up my attic.

Fact # 6: Sometimes – after having said nothing in my defence during a roadside squabble, I lie in bed and curse myself for not having opened my mouth when I should have. And sometimes – as I see a big thug of a guy charge towards me with a bellow on his lips, I stand expressionless and curse myself for having opened my mouth when I shouldn’t have.

Fact # 7: I believe in heaven. Because I can’t, for the life in me, imagine that my friend, who passed away last week, has become nothingness.

Fact # 8: I believe in watching Lolita before reading Lolita. Don’t ask why – can’t think of a reason 🙂

Fact # 9: Nostalgia, according to me, is the best emotion known to man. Just that right tinge of the sweet, just that right tinge of the sour…
Just right!

Fact # 10: Don’t believe in taking shorter routes anymore. Prefer the railway overbridge overhead to the railway track right up in front.
Learnt this one the hard way 😉

P.S.: Maybe the hiatus ain’t gonna happen after all. Sorry, Senthu! And Rama… here’s some more pretentious stuff for you to feed on. Heh!



  1. Take your time. Noone is going to cry if you don’t update your blog. Atleast I will not be under any pressure to write comments for sometime.. what a relief:)

  2. I wont cry either, but then i hate to see you off blogging JJ.

    Ayyo JJ pogalley
    Ayyo JJ pogalley!!

    BTW: Why do u need to know when your day off is just to blog???

    PS: Been tryin to reach u man..

  3. Jujube,
    You’ve been tagged.

  4. u call thoe things interesting???
    gosh, u make my life look pretty 🙂
    @3inone: i will get on with that list immediately
    @twinky: what is wrong ur phone

  5. Oi!!! I’m not responsible for you being boring! Or disgusting.
    You have a HAIR DRYER???
    Re No:7, yeah, I agree. There just has to be a heaven.

    🙂 bring it on!!

  6. @3inone: just to point out — no.5 our dear angrez saves up pennies to make a pound.
    yeah jim, thanks. lots of stuff to feed on here 😀

  7. hey JJ, ur fact # 2….funny you forgot to double check the lock when i was sleeping inside your room.!! ha haa 🙂

    fact # 5… yeaa.. u love to sarcifice good food and eat sundal..and use that money to buy what? a bicycle?? that everyone except u use..and someone manages to lose it.

    Fact # 6… remember ravi denying you a chicken piece??? haar har 🙂

    fact # 9….ur making me nostalgic too….ditto on this point.

  8. @Mac – SPOT ON BUDDY!!! Even I used the cycle on quite a few go visiting someone then special 😀 And all I had to do was get him a cigarette in return..good ol’ JJ 🙂 Don’t you just love him ??

    @JJ – just for that one quality Jimbo, you redeem yourself 😀


  9. @ Rama: Yea man, one boring person I am – for sure 😉
    And that penny and pound reference was supposed to have gone with the ‘penny wise and pound foolish’ adage. Tried with with paise and rupees but it just didn’t sound right.
    Anyway, glad I could provide you with a lot of me to chew on. We aim to please.. Har de har har!

    @ 3inOne: (Sheepish grin) You’re right… Disgusting is my middle name, nobody responsible for that. Except, mebbe Rama 😉

    @ Mac: Ha ha! But you’re wrong… I double checked the lock that day to make sure that you couldn’t get out. ha! And yeah, my pooor bicycle! Feel like bawling now…
    Ravi – saw him when I visited Heber last month. We chose to ignore each other 🙂

    @ Shain: Yeah, I remember you waking me up at seven in the morn each day with a cigarette that’s pinched from VIKRAM REDDY! Man, you are just priceless … we love you too.
    And hey! I tried calling your home a couple of times – the phone just keeps ringing and ringing. Anyways, my number is 9980597125. I’ll try calling you again…

  10. yea rite…u checked the lock?? and forgot to check that big lump of a body lying on ur bed? hee hee 🙂
    and yeaa..i remember how u used to jump off the bed as soon as u smelt smoke 🙂 haar haaa :)….and in da process ruining my sleep.

  11. #6
    ha ha ha
    i thot it was only me!

  12. Interesting indeed. And I thought only I indulged in the commonplace!

  13. @ Mac: Yeah, very conveniently forgot to do that 😉

    @ Ab: Ha ha. Nah, I guess that happens to all of us…

    @ Me: Ha, thanks!

  14. these just seem like independent, standalone 10 things… dey dont seem to need an adjective;-)

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