Posted by: Mojo Jojo | May 27, 2007

Waiting for Ms Reaper

Okay, this is my philosophy. It goes something like this: A painting’s not completed when the last stroke of the paintbrush is executed, but when the last stroke is scratched off the canvas by the sands of time. Death, the great leveller, as Percy B Shelley put it, is the grand finisher as well. The one who completes all.
Bad poetry, I know, but here it goes anyway…

Far away, in the distance, she waits for me,
Even as I inch my way through, as slow as can be,
A lot of love’s in her cold embrace, I know,
And in her skeletal arms I can rest, forever more.

Oh, how I long for the end – to melt into sweet nothingness,
It’s what I was born for, since life’s first caress,
But the road there, I’m afraid, is what I fear,
The pain, the misery that separates my love from me.

Okay, enough of this… I tire already,
How long do I bang on this cage, wanting to be free?
But then, I could be wrong, sooner may be the end,
Maybe she’s right here, at the very next bend.

My mistress eternal, Death.



  1. we seem to agree on death
    really, of all the things!!! 😛

  2. jimbo…
    well..nothing really ends….do they? I guess the end is just the begining…and ur longing for the end is maybe just your longing for a new begining….uuhhhh?

  3. hey first, that was a nice one… I mean, was really good, the ideas u used to skeletal– and all…
    Now, I have this other friend who writes so much of poetry and its all based on the theme of death or the after life.. and I got so mad after sum time I used to say she’s just making it all up (just for the sake of an idea to write about)
    Do you think that people have started taking the concept of death and its allurements like poets used to take ‘love’? as just a topic to write about….
    I, for my part, dont even think much about death. I know I will die some day. Am not afraid (of cors, sumthing every1 says).. But right now, God just wants me to live today.
    (And I am not criticising an idea, just stating mine)
    Heyyo… tell me your seeing stars. Hope you got wat I was saying 🙂

  4. Bad poetry? Was that your fake attempt at humility? I liked the poem. And agree with the thought behind it as well.

  5. Bad poetry?
    More like false humility 🙂
    See, I told you – Rama and you are twins separated at birth.

  6. @3inone: and bad poetry n death wish join us? 😛

    but i thought we had decided that jim’s poems are not bad after what mr president came up with

  7. Jim:
    death as feminine and a slice of romance as well. enjoyed the read…not as bad 🙂 as you lead on.
    keep it up,

    and don’t wear your hair like you
    know who. That may have something to do with the ability to write excellent prose.

  8. AaaHAA!! JJ back at writing about what he is best at – the grim and the macabre!!

    I liked this one JJ..esp

    “But then, I could be wrong, sooner may be the end,
    Maybe she’s right here, at the very next bend.”

    But I donno about the “mistress” bit..she’d be a rather cold one dont u think???

  9. Jim,
    Where is you?

  10. Death and Taxes my friend, Death and Taxes.

  11. This aint bad man..this is good..
    a great piece…
    and very philosphical!

  12. dude,
    promise me this is the last poem ur will ever write on this blog. u seem to have fans, but put ur poems on another blog no.

  13. 1 of the best on death i have ever read

    i loved the philo

  14. Yoooooo hooooo. Jim where are you? You must be writing important stuff for the paper! Miss reading new stuff from you.

  15. Death is like a mistress, waiting for u.. for us all, actually! I liked it.. preTTy kewl..

  16. yo, are you like waiting for miss reaper to materialise before posting again or wat….
    oh waitaminute, will you be able to post then??

    anyways talking about death, i remember this arabic short story “death speaks” which forms th 1st story in one of Jeffrey archers collections. let me see if i can find it online. but try reading it. gives the essence properly

  17. looong time!!

    thts some lovely poetry der… 🙂

  18. Waiting for Jimmy….Shall we put a post on our blogs?

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