Posted by: Mojo Jojo | March 5, 2008

Mojo’s back!

In reality there is only room enough in this world for one Mojo Jojo. One shall be the number of Mojo Jojos in the world, and the number of Mojo Jojos in the world shall be one. Two Mojo Jojos is too many, and three is right out. So the only Mojo Jojo there is room for in the world, shall be me! And being the only Mojo Jojo in the world, I will rule the world in which there is only one MOJO JOJO.
And I’m back, Powderpuff Girls!



  1. u got a TAG
    and WTF….?? hopefully u wont disappear again

  2. Hey! Welcome back Jimmy Kid or Mojo Jojo whatever… Hope you keep blogging so that we have something to check out every once in a while and heave a sigh at life… Just a suggestion.. leave a small message on the blogs of your feather so that they know you are back… with a vengeance!!

  3. Hey Div! Am putting up that tag as soon as I can. And yeah, this time I am going to stick around. Promise you that!

    CuppaMattiz: Yup, was planning to do that. Just wanted to redecorate the whole blog before I get any visitors 🙂

  4. Well well well well, what have we here? The jujube is back?
    Good to have you back Jooj, but for how long? Stick around this time, okay?

  5. Hi LIz! Yup, planning to be around for some time. And a plan that I wish to fulfill.
    Btw, hey! COuld you send me the invite to your blog again, Please 😦

  6. So the kid woke up and became er Mojo Jojo? Is that like the untold birth story of Mojo Jojo?

  7. Ha ha. Could have been, but my birth story’s very much told already. I was Professor Utonium’s lab assistant, and in the accident that cause the creation of the Powerpuff Girls – I turned out to be the super villainous ultra-brainy MOJO JOJO.
    This time I just woke up again, that’s all 🙂

  8. you went to sleep again. hee hee

  9. Oh dear, I sure did! Thanks for the wake-up call, I blog immediately!

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