Posted by: Mojo Jojo | September 25, 2008

Spare me, please?

Just the other day, I received an e-mail forward that had photos of Kashmiris setting an  Indian flag afire somewhere in Srinagar. Attached to it was  a message that told me how the Indian Government was doing nothing to prevent stuff like this and that it was time for me to stand up and do something for my country.
Fair enough.
But what left a bad taste in my mouth was the footer, which said in bold Arial: If what you have just seen disturbs you, please forward this mail to at least 10 Hindus.
Sure, what I saw disturbed me, but not half as much as the 10 Hindus part of the mail. So I sent it back to him, telling him as gently as I could that it was probably forwarded to me by mistake.
Because I will never see how religion has anything to do in this matter, and why anybody should think that a particular community is the bastion of that misunderstood word called patriotism. Maybe I am a bad guy because these pictures didn’t anger me enough to run out with a sword to hack the first Kashmiri I meet, and I am real sorry about that.
Maybe I am a selfish person who can’t see beyond the little world he lives in, but – you see –  that still doesn’t give them the right to spam my inbox with their communal bullshit.



  1. Yeah Boy………..way to proud of you..! let me know if he replies 😛

  2. I agree… If I would seen that I would reacted the same way… but the sad part is that it is turning out to be a religion fight mainly the common man on the street thinks that all kashmiris who are doing wrong things are muslims and the rest hindus… all these is carefully politically planted and i hate it

  3. Haha! Maybe you should’ve written in your reply that India stopped being called “Hindu”stan eons ago! Pathetic people, man! What say we flog them? 😀

  4. Big Mac: No, I don’t think he will. What can he say anyways?

    Monika: Yeah, but worse than the politicians are the idiots who get taken along for the ride. I wonder why can’t people just mind their own business and keep their butt out of other people’s stuff. I think religion has long served its purpose; now it’s just something people can squabble over.

    Nikhil: They certainly need one. They need some shrinks too 🙂

  5. This is getting a bit much huh?! This communal violence! Fuck! Where are we heading?

    Death, for sure.. but, looks like it will be a lot sooner than we think..

  6. firstly, love the new pic 😛 (god, i am selfish too and a bit tired of fighting these ghosts everywhere)

    secondly, so the flag was burnt — piece of cloth na. big deal. villages and villages are cleared in the name of development and they care so much about a piece of cloth that they spammed twinky!

    two guys are constantly spamming me these days with sob stories of how men are being witchhunted with the new laws brought in for women’s protection. they sure know their audience na!

    hang in there, twinky

  7. Aparna: Yeah, don’t know why but we certainly seem quite intent upon exterminating ourselves.

    Creepy Suzie: As if spamming Twinky would cure their problems, indeed! And hey, think I also got one of those sob stories on women’s protection. Did it have something to do with granting 2 years’ maternity leave to female government employees?

  8. no re. it was against domestic violence, sexual harassment bills — how world has become an unfair place for men now 😛

  9. ditto Jimmy, friend of Superman.

  10. Arm chair advocates, them all!! Spamming people is as far as they can go. They don’t want to fight the real issues … they can’t fight. If they could we wouldn’t have a zillion problems – poverty, corruption, global warming – staring us in the face!

  11. Yeah, couldn’t agree more. I hate all those spam chain e-mails. Nothing more guaranteed to get them into my spam folder than seeing that line, “now forward this to…”

  12. @ Creepy Suzie: And he had to spam you on that. Ha ha ha… hope you didn’t rip his innards out.

    @ Murr: Mr Olsen at your service, Cats 🙂

    @ VC: I am sure these armchair advocates do nothing more than send e-mail forwards around, then go home and leave the tap running. Really, I d appreciate Santa Banta forwards more than bull like this…

    @ Chailey: Oh, I do forward them too… right into the trashcan.

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