Posted by: Mojo Jojo | November 18, 2008

Spank’s the word

The other day, I went to a neigbourhood supermarket to pick up a couple of essentials. And as I parked myself in front of the toiletry section, I couldn’t help but notice this peculiar mom-daughter pair pass by.

No, they weren’t peculiar because of the way they looked. The daughter was your regular eight-year-old and the mother was your regular 35-year-old; nothing worth raising any eyebrows over. It was the curious little conversation they were having that set them apart from the crowd.

“Waah! I want a Kitkat bar!” the kid bawled, to which mummy dearest replied by saying: “Not now, Anjana, we have to go…”

The kid started bawling louder, and when it looked like the ceiling was going to come crashing on us, the mom said, “Shut up, stupid! I don’t have any money to waste on you!”

Anjana didn’t like this one little bit, nossir! So she replied: ” You shut up! Stupid woman!”

She then proceeded to inform her mother that she was nothing but a b*tch (a nasty term even by my standards), to which the mother replied by saying that she was going to lay a full chargesheet before her dad when he comes home that evening. Then they looked at me, wondering why on earth was I laughing like that.

I have never thought like this before, but maybe there IS something in that bit about sparing the rod.

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  1. Jeepers, if my sister had called my mother that she wouldn’t have made it out of the supermarket! Try smacking your kid in poublic in the UK though and you’d have every well-meaning individual coming down on you like a ton of bricks. I have to say that in India, some teachers seem to favour the rod a little too much but in general, I’m not opposed to corporal punishment – within limits. It never did me any harm, and if you don’t believe me, you can ask my therapist.

  2. She called her mom a bitch??!! And her mom merely said she would complain..well..she cdnt hv done much else i spose..

    But then the mom started it!!!

  3. haha..seriously… ive felt like spanking some of them myself…..and i bet ya, my kid wouldn’t dare speak that way….maybe he/she will, but just once……


    No, thank God for small mercies.

  5. @ Chailey: Ha ha. Very true. But even the most well-meaning gentleman may have had to fight a strong urge to treat the young lady to a good spanking if he had been there.
    I have always been pretty anti-corporal punishment myself, but I guess there are times when you have to make an exception.
    Like this one (though I found it very funny).

    @ Shain: You are right. The mom’s to blame 😛

    @ Mac: Ha ha. I’d hate to know what you would do to your kid. Hope it doesn’t come down to tongs and Iron Maidens 😉

    @ Creepy Suzie: Yeah. For the time being, at least. 🙂

  6. Tsk tsk nasty spoiled foul mouthed kid. Hope the chargesheet dealing dad walloped her little behind!

  7. What would you do if your future wife too handed you such a chargesheet about your child’s misdemeanour? Would you fire your wife or your kiddy?

  8. Is there something called a regular 35 or regular eight year old?

  9. @ Calliopia: I am sure her foul mouth came about due to an utter lack of walloping from her dad’s side. Think it’s high time he started making up for it…

    @ Mattiz: Ah, no reason why I should take it all out on the wife, is there. After all, she’s the victim…

    @ Bimal: Ah ha! That’s the sub-editor in you speaking 🙂

  10. I would side with the kid. I mean, parents these days just don’t know how to talk nice. So, well, they say na, you get what you give;) Treat them kids nicely and surely they’ll understand.

    On second thoughts I guess the kid needs a good lecture on why not to take that tone. But then again, I have my suspicions that the fault lies with the mother (am I being over-critical of the mother??). Weren’t are parents more logical and clam-headed when dealing with our tanturms? Mine sure were…

  11. I am willing to bet Mom lets her get away with a lot…spanking is not my choice…firm and loving parenting is first…when all else fails, ask for a return from the hosptial, and be willing to pay a 25% restocking fee.

  12. @ VC & Murr: For some reason, that mother seemed neither firm nor loving. But I agree, corporal punishment is not a very good option 🙂

  13. Lol, yes spank’s the word, Jimmy cheta. I have always believed in that Biblical principle. 🙂

  14. Oh god, hilarious! The mom could’ve spent 5 bucks on a kitkat bar and instead, got called a bitch in public! 😀

  15. @ Prem: Ha ha! The price kids have to pay for their parents being good Christians 😀

    @ Nikhil: Yeah, 5 bucks would definitely have been more redeemable than her public image. Now, there are whole blog posts being written on her 😛

  16. I think its quite nice that the 8 yr old, called her mom names and vented it out. Else who knows she did grow up be another Sybil…

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